Who We Are

The New Haven Pizza Project is run by Stephen Brandes and Daniel Fromson, two pizza-loving members of Yale University’s Class of 2009.

Also known as “Stevey B,” Stephen hails from New Haven’s rival pizza turf of New York City and has extensive experience with the New York slice. A senior economics major, he enjoys the New York Giants, rap music, and Foxon Park cream soda.

Dan is a food-obsessed English major from outside Hartford, Connecticut. A lifelong believer in the beauty of New Haven-style pizza, he is the current editor of the Yale Daily News Magazine. He is also an avid follower of UConn Huskies basketball.


9 responses to “Who We Are

  1. Uncle Brett


    The NHPP is one of the great public services in these hard times.

    Power to the pizza!


  2. Brilliant idea, guys! I wrote a similar series of articles last summer for Roadfood Digest but focused on New Haven eateries (not solely pizza). I can’t wait to read your take on the venerable Sally’s and my secret fave, Grand in North Haven. If you need some company, please contact me through the RF website!

  3. Hey guys, just saw a link to my site on yours, thanks a lot I will return the favor. Great site ! Next time I’m in the area I will definitely check out some of these spots, they look great. I am still confused on how it is different than NY style other than the name you guys have for it it, but it looks great. Keep up the good work.

  4. jack

    Check out Abate’s it’s my favorite, right next to Libby’s pastry. Never a wait and beats Pepe’s.

  5. Lawrence

    Great stuff guys! If you have the time, you should check out Aniello’s in East Haven

  6. Hi,
    You can skip all the other places and go right to Sally’s because it is by far the best in CT, possibly the country. Project solved. Anyway, if you guys are on twitter commenting on pizza I would like to add you to http://www.breakingnewhavennews.com

  7. Chad

    What happened to the rest of the reviews? Even though 12 weeks are up, keep it going. I have been a fan of the big 3 for a long time and your site has given me some great new spots to try.

  8. Nate

    Check out Grand Apizza on Grand Ave. in Fair Haven. It’s been there since 1955 and still serves a great apizza!

  9. Lifer

    I am a lifetime New Haven resident raised on Ernie’s and Pepe’s. You might try Eli’s in Hamden (it was called Bimonte’s when I was a kid). It’s not Wooster St, but very good, and if you live in Hamden you can’t beat the convenience.

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