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Dayton Street Apizza: A New Haven Local

The red pie with mozzarella at Dayton Street Apizza.

The red pie with mozzarella at Dayton Street Apizza.

Dayton Street Apizza lies just a few miles up Whalley Avenue from downtown New Haven, but it feels well off the beaten path. This restaurant is a true neighborhood place: an unpretentious takeout joint with just 14 seats, it is hardly a destination restaurant like New Haven’s Big Three, and most of its residents are Westville locals from just down the street.

We were surprised, then, that the New Haven Advocate said it had pies “to rival Wooster Street.” Continue reading



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Pies and Beer at New Haven’s BAR


Red pie with mozzarella at BAR

If the world of New Haven pizza were an ecosystem, BAR might be its platypus. A strange animal that seems difficult to categorize, this brewpub/dance club/pizzeria is undoubtedly distinct from its traditional coal-oven cousins, yet it cranks out thin-crust pies that place it right up there with the best of them. While Sally’s and Pepe’s have an old-world mystique to them, BAR is the youthful underdog. With its throngs of Yalies, handcrafted microbrews, and iconoclastic mashed potato pizza, it doesn’t aim to mimic the venerable palaces of Wooster Street, but it still threatens to top them.

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