Twelve Weeks, Twelve Pizzerias: The NHPP Mission

Welcome to the New Haven Pizza Project, a blog run by two pizza-loving Yale University seniors who will be spending a full semester hunting down the most delicious New Haven-style pizza in and around the Elm City, a.k.a. New Haven, Connecticut.

Our plan? To visit a dozen of the most traditional local pizza places: not just Pepe’s and Sally’s, the inescapable giants of Wooster Street, but also lesser-known gems including Roseland Apizza and Zuppardi’s. Eating our way through mounds of chewy crust and cheesy “muzz” (that’s mozzarella for you non-New Haveners), we will rate each pizzeria and develop what may be the sole comprehensive guide to New Haven’s best pizza places.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy. If you’re at all like us, you might find yourself running out for a slice sometime soon, or even a whole pie.



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3 responses to “Twelve Weeks, Twelve Pizzerias: The NHPP Mission

  1. Hey have fun guys! I love Elm City Apizza. Although I think Sally’s is the best, don’t miss Modern! It’s about 95% as good as the Wooster Street stuff, but so much easier to get! The crust is slightly ‘spongy’ but the rest is just fine! Enjoy!

  2. Michael Herzog

    When is your next review going to happen? It’s been quite of slow regarding visits/reviews the last month or so.

    I am looking forward to all 12 visits. I am especially fond of one of the pizzerias, and I don’t they will fare well, but for the wrong reason, if you are talking as a pizza purist.

    Michael Herzog

  3. Michael

    What happened to the 12 weeks of pizza and reviews? I am very disappointed that there was no followup.

    Michael Herzog

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